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4 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Air Conditioning

Tuesday, April 25, 2017
4 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Air Conditioning

You pay a lot for an air conditioner, but unless you know the system very well, you may not be sure if you are getting your money’s worth. There are all kinds of ways to use an air conditioner that could cost you money, or shorten the lifespan of the equipment. With these tips, you can boost your comfort and your savings.

1. Clean Air Filters

You might be surprised that a system of equipment that costs thousands of dollars can be brought to its knees by some replaceable parts that cost almost nothing and take virtually no time to replace. Yet it is true. Your air conditioner’s air filters remove allergens from the incoming air and keep dirt and debris from infiltrating the entire system. Dirty air filters cannot do a good job, which can make your air conditioner work far less efficiently. To save yourself some money and a lot of hassle, just replace your filters once a season. You will notice a benefit very quickly.

2. Use a Programmable Thermostat

Too many households have a programmable thermostat, but the residents never learned how to use it. Walking up to the thermostat and changing the temperature every time you need it is not an efficient approach to effective cooling, regardless of the kind of thermostat you have. If you get a thermostat that allows you to create a few different settings each day and different settings on the weekends, you may be surprised how much money you could save. Just remember to update the settings as the seasons change.

3. Schedule Yearly Service

The difference between an air conditioner that works pretty well and one that consistently operates at peak efficiency is maintenance. You can only do so much of it on your own unless you are a trained expert. That is why you should call to schedule air conditioner maintenance once a year, preferably in the springtime before summer gets going. Professional upkeep gives your system a thorough inspection, cleans up the components that could get dusty or dirty, and confirms that all parts are in good shape.

4. Get Prompt Air Conditioning Repair

If your yearly service brings up an obvious problem, or if you simply notice that something is not right, you need to get the air conditioner repaired immediately. A slight leak in the refrigerant line may seem like nothing until the expensive evaporator coil starts freezing over as a result. It does not take much to turn a minor repair into a costly replacement, so taking the time to arrange for repairs is always in your best interest.

There is nothing like spending a boatload of money keeping your home cool unless you do not have to. These four tips can shave a fair amount off your monthly energy bills, without forcing you to suffer in a hot, stuffy house. To schedule emergency air conditioning repair service for your Edmonds, WA home, contact the experts at Day & Nite Plumbing & Heating.


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Selecting the Right Furnace: The Factors You Should Consider

Wednesday, November 15, 2017
Selecting the Right Furnace: The Factors You Should Consider

Thinking about a new furnace? If so, there are some important factors to consider before purchase and installation. At Day & Nite Plumbing & Heating, Inc., we have decades of collective experience with every type of furnace imaginable. Here’s some advice from us on how to select the right furnace.

Are some furnaces superior to others?

Absolutely. Efficiency is of course the biggest measuring stick that differentiates one furnace from another, but there are other important features your new furnace should possess. These include corrosion-resistant heat exchangers, pressure switches, induced draft blowers, direct-drive blower units, and, to minimize noise, an insulated blower compartment.

Another way to weed out good furnaces from great is to review the furnace’s limited warranty. As with any product, a trusted manufacturer will have no problem backing up its craftsmanship with a rock-solid warranty. And speaking of the manufacturer, you should also confirm that tests and quality checks are performed on each furnace before it leaves the manufacturer’s plant.

Does size matter?

When you shop for the perfect furnace, you’ll want to ensure that the size of your home aligns with the furnace’s heat output. This heat output, in turn, needs to integrate flawlessly with your home’s ductwork to guarantee the right amount of hot air is funneled through the system in order to provide consistent heat. A furnace that’s too small won’t generate enough heat, and a furnace that’s too big will waste fuel (and money).

Just how important is efficiency?

If you’re like most American homeowners and are looking for ways to shrink your carbon footprint while saving money, then finding an efficient furnace is critical. Here’s one way to look at it: furnaces from decades ago only operated at a 30% annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE), meaning that only 30% of every dollar spent on heating was actually well-spent. The other 70% was wasted. As technology advanced, furnaces 10 – 20 years ago approached a 75% - 80% AFUE. Today, the most efficient furnaces boast AFUEs of 90% all the way up to 98%, incorporating the latest advancements to maximize your investment and significantly reduce your monthly heating bill. Some of the most important advancements are:

  • An electronic ignition instead of a continuously burning pilot light
  • Two-stage valves to control fuel flow. These ensure that the furnace runs high when first turned on and then reduces its run-rate to maintain a consistent temperature.
  • A programmable thermostat that allows the homeowner to customize the home’s heating cycle, thereby reducing monthly cost

What traits do all quality furnaces share?

Regardless of the manufacturer, the highest-quality furnaces share many of the same traits. These include:

  • High efficiency
  • Low maintenance frequency and cost
  • Dependability
  • Reliability
  • A warm, comfortable home all season long

For help in selecting and installing your next furnace, contact Day & Nite Plumbing & Heating, the preeminent heating and plumbing company serving Martha Lake, WA.


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