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Clogs: What Not to Put Down Your Kitchen Drain

Monday, February 12, 2018
Clogs: What Not to Put Down Your Kitchen Drain

We’re all guilty of occasionally putting things down our kitchen drain that we shouldn’t. But knowledge is power, and that’s why Day & Nite Plumbing & Heating, a well-established plumber serving Bothell, Lynnwood, and Martha Lake, is here to highlight several items that should never go near your kitchen drain. 


Lots of people think it's ok to rinse paint brushes in the kitchen sink. Alas, it’s not. And the same goes for the bathroom sink, the laundry room sink, and anywhere else inside your house. No paint, whether it’s water-based, oil, latex, or something else, should enter your community’s sewer system. Instead, all paint types should be disposed of at a hazardous waste facility. 

Cleaning Products 

Not surprisingly, the reason why cleaning products are effective is their combination of chemicals, compounds, and antibacterial agents, many of which are harmful to humans and wildlife. The hardiness of such chemicals makes them resistant to destruction at a water treatment plant, and it’s likely that some of these chemicals will reach open water. Either switch to all-natural cleaning agents, or be prepared to trash your unused cleaning products at a hazardous waste facility. 


Ah, coffee. Millions of people swear by it, but most don’t realize the damage that coffee grounds can do when washed down the kitchen sink. Coffee grounds are great at forming obtrusive clumps that can lead to drain clogs and pipe failure. Your best bet is to always empty your used grounds in the trash. 

Grease and Fat 

These two food-related byproducts, deriving from sausage, steak, chicken, bacon, and most things broiled or fried, are staples in many homes. Like coffee grounds, grease and fat are infamous coagulators that can gum up your home’s plumbing and your city’s sewer pipes. On a similar note, gravy and “food skin”, i.e. from boiled poultry, should also be thrown in the trash and not down the kitchen drain. 

Produce Stickers 

Produce stickers can accidentally get sucked into the drain while you’re washing bananas, grapes, and the like. Sometimes they make it beyond your plumbing and into the apparatus (screens, filters, pumps, and hoses) employed by wastewater treatment plants. And on occasion, they’ll make it all the way to the nearest lake/river. 


An eggshell alone is big enough and sturdy enough to be a leading clog contributor. But what many people forget is the shell’s inner membrane: a tough, elastic-like substance that can hamper your garbage disposal’s performance and also contribute to clogs. 


All oils, whether we’re talking salad dressing, olive oil, or even mayonnaise, are no-no’s for the kitchen drain. In a worst-case scenario, oils can link up with grease, fat, and everything else on this list and create something called a “fatberg”. The biggest of these can easily block a sewer pipe. In fact, almost half of the U.S.’s 36,000 annual sewer overflows are caused by fatbergs.
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