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The Best Ways to Increase Furnace Lifespan

Monday, March 27, 2017
The Best Ways to Increase Furnace Lifespan

Look at the price tags for new furnaces. It is a significant investment for your home, even if you do not think about it very much. With these four tips, you can improve the output of your furnace and ensure that it will work more efficiently for longer.

1. Clean and Maintain

A dirty furnace is a problem just waiting to turn into a disaster. The air filter pulls out all the allergens and dust from the outdoor air, so that it does not get pushed through the ductwork into the house. Once that filter gets completely clogged, it makes the furnace works extra hard to push the air through. Fortunately, air filters are extremely easy to clean or replace. Make sure that the furnace is clear of clutter, with a decent space of airflow surrounding it. If you notice that it is leaking, request furnace repair service.

2. Request Regular Service

Although you can do a lot throughout the year to keep your furnace running smoothly, there is no replacement for professional maintenance. Once a year, preferably in the fall, call your HVAC technician to come out and service your furnace. The technician can look at the internal components of the furnace, including the burner, heat exchanger and fuel supply. Sometimes, regular service picks up a minor issue that will cost you less than $100 to repair or replace, instead of thousands of dollars once the system really breaks down.

3. Avoid Overuse

HVAC equipment is a lot like a vehicle. The harder you use it, the faster it will burn out. If your furnace was sized properly (e.g. not too small), it should run at the right pace for your home. However, you can also ease up on the heating load by sealing your ductwork, installing a programmable thermostat and avoiding cranking up the heat. If you help your furnace maintain a better temperature in the home, it will not have to run as much. A furnace with appropriate settings that is given time to adjust the temperature will last longer than one that is constantly trying to keep up.

4. Balance Investment and Average Lifespan

No matter how well you care for your furnace, eventually you will need to replace it. For a lot of people, that interval is 10-15 years. You may get up to 20 years with a great furnace and consistent upkeep. Once you pass the 10-12-year mark, prepare to replace your furnace within the next few years. You may not need to, but knowing that it is coming will help you make decisions about repair concerns as they come up. You do not want to invest hundreds of dollars into a furnace that may only buy you another year or so.

Anything in your home that could cost you $5,000 or more deserves at least a few hours a year of care to keep it going strong for years to come. Contact Day & Nite Plumbing & Heating for the furnace repair Lynnwood WA, Edmond, Everett and Seattle residents rely on every year.

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