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Residential and commercial plumbing, heating and A/C services. Serving Snohomish and King Counties since 1954.

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Considering a career in plumbing or HVAC? It’s a profession that offers stability, longevity, and great earning potential. For aspiring plumbers, Day & Nite Plumbing & Heating offers some helpful insights regarding the ins and outs of a plumbing career.

We are seeking people who

  •  Have experience as an HVAC service technician or HVAC installer
  •  Enjoy working with a great team helping people in our community with service plumbing
  •  Have a clean driving record are willing submit to a background check and pre-employment random drug screening

Who we are

Located in Lynnwood, centrally within our service area of North King County and Snohomish County, we have been serving our community for over 60 Years.

We love helping people by providing honest service from professionals that you can rely on.

Benefits for working here

  •  Over 60 Years in business
  •  Friendly, Team Environment
  •  4 Day work Weeks
  •  Medical, Dental, Vision
  •  Up to 3 Weeks Paid Vacation
  •  Weekly Training
  •  Variety of work
  •  Service Techs Commute with Company Vehicle
  •  Warehouse Support
  •  Treated like a Professional, Paid like a Professional.
  •  Locally Owned and Operated
  •  Monthly Bonus Program
  •  Quarterly Bonus Program
  •  Spiff Program
  •  Easy to use Tablet Technology

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Positions Available

We are currently looking to hire excellent candidate for the following positions:

HVAC Technician  Journeyman Plumber  

What are a plumber’s responsibilities?

A plumber is responsible for much more than fixing clogged pipes, leaky faucets, and other troubleshooting projects. For example:

  • Structural planning: plumbers create and/or analyze blueprints that dictate where pipes and fixtures (sinks, showers, dishwashers, etc.) are placed within a home or business

  • Installation: individually or as a team (usually in the form of pipefitters or apprentices), plumbers install, connect, and secure all piping and fixtures

  • Water flow: plumbers are responsible for ensuring a consistent flow of water from a structure’s water supply to all of its fixtures and appliances

What type of training does a plumber need?

Like any hands-on occupation, a plumber’s training includes on-the-job training and plenty of technical studies. A plumber begins as an apprentice, a position that lasts 4 - 5 years and allows a plumber to meet his required hours for on-site training while also receiving his technical education and certification.

On average, a union or private plumbing business will ask that an apprentice complete at least 246 hours of technical education, including courses in chemistry, math, and applied physics. Additionally, an apprentice must work up to 2,000 paid hours with an experienced plumber in order to achieve the requisite on-the-job training. Moreover, an apprentice also participates in many hours of OSHA-related jobsite safety courses.

Upon successfully finishing an apprenticeship, a plumber becomes a journeyman. Plumbers desiring to work independently must attain a license, which in most states means accruing 2 - 5 years of practical, onsite experience. Also, a plumber will take an exam to assess his comprehension of plumbing codes, as well as his technical expertise.

Benefits of a Plumbing Career

One of the biggest benefits of a plumbing career is the ability to achieve a good work-life balance. Plumbers, especially seasoned ones, have flexible work schedules that allow them to make a good wage while spending lots of time with their family. Another career benefit is the multifaceted education a plumber receives, and the diverse problem-solving a plumber enjoys throughout his career. Being a plumber is anything but boring.

Also, with the 2008/09 economic recession behind us, new home/business construction is increasing. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics believes 49,100 new plumbing jobs will be created by 2024. So it’s a good time to pursue a plumbing career.

Salary Information

In 2015, the median salary for a plumber was $50,620. The highest salary for a plumber was around $89,700, while the lowest averaged about $29,680. It’s important to note that apprentices, especially those just starting their career, often make 30% - 50% less than a fully-certified, veteran plumber.

In a recently-published list of the “13 best construction jobs”, plumber was #3. If you’d like more information about a plumbing career in Seattle, the pros at Day & Nite Plumbing & Heating are happy to talk further with you.

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