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Our past was pretty colorful, (to put it nicely). Day & Nite Plumbing had been in the Lynnwood area for a few years, and then in 1954 the owners at that time decided to incorporate. Day & Nite Plumbing of Lynnwood, Inc. was the name then, and the Colonis Brothers who owned it had quite a reputation.

We were residential & commercial new construction then, and those who Owned & ran the Company were often found congregating our trucks at the local taverns after hours. We plumbed crash & bash. We made lots of friends & lots of enemies, both customers & wholesalers.

That kind of thing went on through several owners, until in 1977 a man named Don Malchom bought Day & Nite Plumbing of Lynnwood, Inc. Don had been in business doing very large municipal projects, like providing irrigation systems for whole golf courses, so he had some plumbing experience. Don didn’t work out in the field much, but employed various plumbers over the years. He lived down the Colonis brother’s reputation and built his own, good reputation with Day & Nite Plumbing concentrating on residential service work. He was known for being hard working, good-hearted and honest.

On January 10, 1986 Day & Nite Plumbing of Lynnwood, Inc. was bought by Dan & Jane Krpan, Bob & Jill Davis, and Bruce Sr. & Judy Davis, and at this change of ownership, the “of Lynnwood” was dropped, Bob (Bruce Sr’s older brother) & Dan were silent Partners who funded the Purchase, and Bruce Sr. came into the Company as a Journeyman Plumber, owning 50% of the Company Stock. Bruce Sr. had been managing a local Plumbing Company for several years, so he began at Day & Nite full time as General Manager.

Within 2 years of the purchase, the company went from Bruce Sr. with a Datsun pick-up for service, to 5 Journeyman Plumbers, each with a fully stocked service truck, and two apprentices working with the Journeymen, and backing them up with a dumping flat bed. We were also developing in the re-model arena sufficiently by then to put on a full time carpenter. We did not do New Construction work, only Service, Repair, Remodel & Retrofit; both Commercial & Residential; and that remains our focus. After a couple years, we were big enough that we needed more Office help for Bruce Sr. & his Secretary, so Dan came into the Company as Office Manager to handle the financials and marketing of the company.

The Company grew steadily every year for many years. When we bought Day & Nite revenues were at about $300,000. per year. Within 4 years we were up to over $1,000,000. per year. And, year after year we worked hard at remaining flexible & sensitive to the Marketplace, so that we could capture & develop the ‘Niches’ that were the best fit for us & that would keep us connected to our Customers.

We’ve seen huge changes in the Industry since the 1980’s, several of which turned the Service industry completely up-side-down & many of our peers did not survive. For example, by the early 1990’s, the Big Boxes’ (Eagle, Home Depot) came into our Marketplace, and in a matter of 18 months the Service Plumbing industry changed completely. When we bought Day & Nite, 65% to 75% of every Invoice was the ‘Materials’ part of the Invoice & the balance was Labor. By the mid 90’s, we found that we would be lucky if 10% of the Invoice were Material; normally every Invoice was 80% - 90% Labor, (is it any wonder that ‘labor rates’ had to escalate so much?).

And, to make matters worse regarding our Materials & their Pricing, at about the same time we found that with the availability of the Internet, everyone had access to the Cost of all our Products & Materials, and many, many people enjoyed shopping prices as ‘Monday morning quarterbacks’. It became common for Customers to call us after the jobs (& the Emergency) was over, & insist that we “match’ the prices they had found on the Internet. From Ballcocks to Boilers; almost everyone was fast becoming an ‘expert’ at price shopping materials & equipment. Needless to say, in order for us to continue to stay healthy & grow, we had to get creative & very diligent & pro-active at being & communicating Value Centered Service; not price centered.

But, in the long run, all of that has been very good for us. One of the best things that happened was that the change in the Market Place caused us to learn more & push more into the HVAC/R Market. We had always Serviced and/or replaced Boilers & Hydronic Systems, so it was natural for us to widen our vision & take in the whole HVAC/R arena, especially in the residential repair & replacement Market; and in June 1995 we amended our Corporate name officially and became ‘Day & Nite Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

At the turn of the century, we were still growing each year & working hard pursuing our niche Markets, but we were also still in the same leased building that we moved into when we bought the Company. Our growth demanded we find a bigger place that was situated in the center of our Market and close to I-5. After much searching, looking & praying we came across a great 1- acre lot with 2 buildings on it ideal for us; an older steel Warehouse building, and an older concrete block home that had been converted into an Office years ago. In May of 2003, we were able to buy it & after getting it ready we moved in.

Bob was still a silent Partner, but that same year he realized he would never be a part of the Company day to day, & he sold out to Dan. Also, Dan & Bruce Sr. had worked very well together for many years, but things started to change, in both Business life & Personal life, and by 2006 it became clear that a major change was needed in their Partnership also. Many options were explored, and the net result was that on May 2, 2007, Bruce Sr. & Judy Davis became the sole Owners of Day & Nite Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

Buying out their Partners was a huge step of Faith for Bruce Sr & Judy, and financially it took everything they had & everything they owned. But, they felt strongly & clearly that this was the best course of action for them personally, for the Company as a whole and for the thousands of loyal Day & Nite Customers.

The Buy-out included a 6-month ‘transition’ period, where Dan stayed on-board to help Bruce Davis, Jr. transition into the Office Manager position. Bruce Jr., then 33 years old, had never worked anywhere except Day & Nite Plumbing & Heating, Inc. All his life he had been in and around the Company growing up, and as he finished school & entered the work force, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling came naturally to him. When he became General Manager, he already had over 15 years in the Trade, was a Journeyman Plumber and Journeyman HVAC/R Technician, and had put in several years as the Warehouse Manager at Day & Nite during his 20’s. As it turned out, his Leadership was astounding. During his 1st year as General Manager, Bruce Jr. cut annual operating expenses by over $152,000! Again; that’s annually! And his insight & continued leadership continue to help guide & manage the Company into groundbreaking & custom fit arenas.

However, by the time the dust settled from the buy-out, we began to realize that the signs of the slow-down we were seeing were far more than just a ‘slow-down’; we were entering into the worst Recession this country has seen since the Great Depression of the 1930’s. By the end of 2008 & into 2009 we were being severely impacted, and were getting further & further behind financially. Then when our Yellow-page companies threatened us by making huge financial demands be met or they would get a Judgment against us & go into our accounts, we had to file Chapter 11 Re-organization to protect the Company & all the families supported & served by it.

That was April of 2009, and the Recession continued to hit us and everyone in Western Washington pretty hard, though not as hard as some areas of the Country. We cut back from an average of 35 employees to about 20, and our revenues dropped off proportionately. But, after a couple years, we started to build back our Clientele & Market share, and in 2013, annual revenues were back up to pre-recession levels so that this year we will likely break the 4 million mark.

Thankfully, we even made a small profit in 2013; the tough times had made us leaner & stronger than ever financially. During the Recession we had to have many things on hold; but now we are finally able to begin to rebuild our infrastructure in regard to things like our Office Equipment & our Service Fleet, and we are hoping to be able to take advantage of several Market-place ‘niches’ that have opened up due to Companies that folded who didn’t have a strong reputation and/or deep roots like ours.

Now, with God’s Help and Guidance, we are confident we will continue to build and grow with the Market profitably, as we seek out & Serve our Customers & their needs.


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