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A Quick Guide to Dehumidifiers

Friday, May 18, 2018
A Quick Guide to Dehumidifiers

With the summer coming up, you're probably concerned about high temperatures and the sweltering sun. We know we'll be getting more than a few calls about air conditioning service very soon. You also have to think about the humidity though. You know the feeling. You walk outside or into a room of your house and the air feels heavy. It feels muggy and it takes away any motivation you had to run around or get things done.

That happens when the air is holding a lot of water vapor. It can have a variety of effects, ranging from frizzy hair to a musty smell. It can even cause serious health issues because it can adversely affect your body's natural abilities to cool itself. Too much humidity can also cause damage to your home over time, affecting its structural integrity and allowing for the growth of mold or the rise of pests. Fortunately, there's a solution to high humidity levels in your home. It's a dehumidifier.

How They Work

Dehumidifiers are appliances that remove excess moisture in the air. It can make a room less humid and get rid of that familiar muggy feeling. Dehumidifiers have evolved in recent years, but one still relies on some similar components to take care of this crucial job.

There's the fan compressor, which pulls in air and brings it over the unit's cooling coils. These coils, like their name implies, reduces the temperature of the air and removes moisture. Then a reheater makes the temperature of the air rise again right before it makes a return to your home or office. The last critical part is the reservoir or bucket. This gathers the moisture that's been taken out of the air, so it needs to be emptied occasionally. Your dehumidifier will remove the moisture from the air and make your space more livable. If the inside of your home feels muggy or oppressive, it may be time to invest in one.


We've already outlined some of the problems that high humidity can cause. The main benefit of a dehumidifier is that it helps you fight back against problems like mold growth and damage to your home. In addition to avoiding expensive damage to your home, a dehumidifier can also help protect something else. We're talking about your air condition system.

Here at Day and Nite Plumbing and Heating, air conditioning is one of our many specialties. The summer months already mean that your A/C is working hard. A dehumidifier can complement your air condition system and help ensure that it lives a longer life. When the heat feels oppressive in the summer, some might decide to just crank up the air conditioning. Sometimes the problem isn't the temperature though. It's the humidity.

Getting a dehumidifier can help you with humidity problems and stop you from overworking your A/C. Your equipment will last longer thanks to the reduction in stress and your power bills will drop because you aren't overtaxing your air conditioning system. To beat the heat you might need to purchase a dehumidifier.


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