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Common Spring Plumbing Problems

Monday, March 18, 2019
Common Spring Plumbing Problems

The start of a new season can bring some new plumbing issues along with it. Here at Day & Nite Plumbing and Heating, we know that the rise in temperature and the return of nice spring weather can occasionally have a downside. Fortunately, you don't have to deal with spring plumbing problems alone. Our licensed plumbers are ready to help as you stay on the lookout for these common issues.

Slow Drains

A slow drain can indicate a clog. This can manifest in the spring since the winter can be tough on your plumbing. If you have more guests over, if you're taking longer and warmer showers, or you have family staying with you an extended period of time, that can all mean more work for your plumbing. A common side effect is more hair going down the drain and causing your pipes to get backed up. While some people have luck using a plunger or plumbing snake to fix the problem, in our experience this can be a chronic issue. You'll want to contact us and have a pro take a look if this is a repeated issue.

A Lazy Showerhead

No one likes a trickling showerhead. You want water pressure that's up to par and a shower that doesn't feel like running around in a drizzle. Unfortunately, a pressure problem can commonly pop up during the spring. Fortunately, we know how to deal with the causes of it. It could be corrosion or debris in your pipes.

Leaky Pipes

Water pressure problems could also be due to leaky pipes. We worry about freezing and bursting pipes during the cold winter months, but sometimes we forget that pipe problems could extend into the spring. A crack may have formed during the winter and it's only now becoming an issue. Keep an eye on the water bill and if it seems too high, a leaky pipe might be the culprit. Our expert plumbers can fix that in no time, helping you avoid higher utility bills and costly issues like water damage.

Damage to Underground Pipes

This problem can be a bit more insidious because it's harder to notice. If you're experiencing drain and water pressure problems, but the obvious issues aren't present, it could be due to underground pipe damage. When spring comes around, the roots of trees and other plants begin growing and spreading. This is not damage you'll be able to fix on your own.

A Busted Sump Pump

Unlike the other problems, this may not be caused directly by the winter's colder weather and the changing temperatures that spring brings. You'll still want to check up on your sump pump, though, because snow melt or spring showers could cause basement flooding. As you get ready for spring, make sure this crucial piece of equipment works.

Licensed Plumbers That King County Can Rely On

Whatever the season and whatever the plumbing issue, our licensed plumbers are ready to help. If you encounter any of these common spring plumbing problems or anything else. Contact Day & Nite Plumbing and Heating at (425) 775-6464 today.


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