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Common Summer Plumbing Problems

Monday, July 30, 2018
Common Summer Plumbing Problems

The summer is finally here, and with it may come some plumbing problems unique to the season. Here at Day and Nite Plumbing and Heating, we make it our goal to help our customers with all of their plumbing issues, regardless of the season. Here's a look at some of the most common causes of summer plumbing issues. We'll help you avoid them or fix any troubles you encounter this season.

Summer Foods Don't Agree with Your Disposal

When summer rolls around, diets change a little bit. The grill gets uncovered and fresh summer produce becomes a bigger part of your diet. These can mean some delicious meals, but these foods can also pose some problems for your garbage disposal. You need to make sure that you're keeping things like cornhusks, watermelon rinds, and other leftovers out of your garbage disposal. If you've been grilling prime cuts from the butcher, you should also remember that fat and bone do not belong in the garbage disposal. By being careful with the byproducts left behind after your meals this summer, you can avoid a big plumbing headache.

More Dirt and Sand in Your Drains

For many, summer also means more outdoor activities and recreational sports. While these activities can be a great way to spend a sunny summer day, they can also cause some big plumbing issues. The main thing to worry about is your drain. If you're at the beach, you're picking up more sand. If you like to hike or bike, you're probably picking up some more dirt. Naturally you'll want to shower or bathe after being outdoors all day, but your drain may not be ready for all of this dirt and sand. Make sure you hose off before getting into the shower. This can get rid of much of the dirt and grime, without posing problems. If necessary, though, our drain cleaning experts are standing by to help if you do run into an issue this summer.

Pets that Shed

This is a summer plumbing problem you might not expect. The warmer weather can mean that your dog could be shedding far more. If you give them a bath, that excess fur could end up clogging your drain. Just make sure that you're brushing your pet a little more often than normal and you'll be fine.

Leaky Fixtures

This can be an issue all year round, but it can be especially annoying to deal with leaky fixtures in the summer. Your water bills are probably higher in the summer months already. You're drinking more water, watering plants, and possibly showering more due to the heat. You don't need a leaky fixture that's constantly wasting water to inflate your bill even more. We'll track down leaks and fix them all year round.

Drainage Blockages

Some assume that blockages are a bigger problem in the winter months, but there is a number of potential drainage issues during the summer. Trees and bushes grow more, sometimes creating new blockages or making old ones worse. These backups can cause some smelly problems, especially in the hot weather. Keep an eye out for these potential plumbing issues, too.


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