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Signs Your Kitchen Appliances Need an Update

Monday, January 07, 2019
Signs Your Kitchen Appliances Need an Update

Your appliances help your kitchen run smoothly, especially during the holiday season when you're entertaining, and any problems with them can really be a headache. There are multiple signs that your appliances will give you when they're ready to be replaced. It's a big investment, but sometimes new appliances can offer some benefits, new features, and even an improved aesthetic for your home. Here's a look at when you should consider updating your fridge, oven, and other kitchen appliances.

They're Not Energy-Efficient

In some cases, older appliances just aren't energy-efficient. Newer appliances have made great strides when it comes to energy efficiency, so if your energy bill seems high each month, new appliances may actually help solve that problem. The upfront cost of a new refrigerator could easily be offset by lower utility bills in a short amount of time.

They Always Need Repairs

If you're always calling in a plumber or repairman to fix your dishwasher or other appliances, it may be time to opt for some new ones. It may seem less expensive to just repair an appliance when something goes wrong, but do some math. How many times have you had to repair this appliance? How much did it cost each time? If the total cost surprises you, it may be time to just purchase some updated appliances that will serve you well for years to come.

It Looks Like Your Kitchen's From a Different Decade

Of course, reliability and energy usage aren't the only factors to consider when deciding whether or not to replace appliances. Sometimes it's as simple as wanting a visual update. If you look around your kitchen, does it look like it's from a previous decade? Do your friends describe it as “retro” whenever they come over? Then it may be time for some upgrades.

Updating your dishwasher, oven, and other kitchen appliances won't just give your room a more modern look. You'll also likely benefit from energy savings, as we previously mentioned, and you may even find some new features in newest appliances that make your life easier. A kitchen appliance upgrade that's purely for aesthetics can end up being much more.

Appliances Don't Function Like New

If your appliances don't function like they did when they were new and it's beginning to cause problems, it may be time to upgrade. It can be small problems at first, like a dishwasher suddenly getting louder and not always getting the tough cleaning jobs done right the first time through. These issues can turn into larger problems quickly, though. A fridge that's not as cool as normal can suddenly turn into one that doesn't keep food cold at all, wasting food and resulting in headache! If your appliances just aren't working as you'd like, look into replacements.

When you do upgrade, it's always a good idea to have a plumbing professional on call. We'll help you figure out what appliances are best for your home plumbing and answer any questions you may have. Contact us at 425-775-6464 to learn more.


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