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Space Heater Safety Tips

Monday, October 22, 2018
Space Heater Safety Tips

The winter is approaching, meaning that your heating equipment is going to get much more use in the coming months. But what if some rooms of your home are still cold even with your HVAC system working at full capacity? It can happen, especially in a large home or in a room that was built as an extension.

In those situations, many people opt for a space heater. You have to be careful with this equipment though. A space heater that's properly used is a great way of fulfilling your heating needs all season long. One that's improperly used can be a hazard. That's why you should follow our safety tips for space heater usage.

Read the Instructions

Make sure that you take the time to read the instructions that came with your space heater. The manufacturer knows how to use their equipment safely, so you should listen. The instructions could also give you information about potential issues, giving you the chance to spot problems before they become major safety hazards.

Give Them Space

The most important thing you can do for your space heater is to give it, well, space. A space heater needs to be kept far away from anything that could potentially catch fire. That means bedding, curtains, etc. We recommend around three feet of distance between the space heater and anything remotely flammable.

Plug it Right into a Wall

As you and your family have accumulated more electronic devices, you've probably opted for power strips in more rooms of your home. They make it easy to charge up multiple phones and tablets without running out of outlets, so we understand that it could be tempting to plug your space heater right into one as well. You don't want to do that though. Plugging a space heater into a power strip or using it with an extension cord can cause the equipment to become a safety hazard.

Don't Leave it Unattended

You also don't want to leave a space heater turned on and unattended. You should always turn it off when leaving the room. It can also be tempting to leave a space heater on for extra warmth when you're laying down to sleep, but this is a bad idea. Turn it off before you go to sleep and unplug it for good measure. This heating equipment isn't meant to run all night unattended.

Install Smoke Alarms

If there is ever a problem with your space heater, you want to know about it quickly. That's why installing smoke alarms on every level of your home is a good idea. If you already have smoke alarms, check the batteries and make sure that they're in working order. You want to know that these alarms will work in the rare event of a problem.

Check the Cord

Before you plug in your space heater, make sure that there are no issues with its power cord. Any cracks or damage could pose a problem later. If you have any doubt about the integrity of the cord, don't plug it in. And if you have any more questions about heating equipment, reach out to us at 425-775-6464.


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