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When Should You Call the Plumbing Professionals?

Friday, January 12, 2018
When Should You Call the Plumbing Professionals?

Having served Martha Lake, Everett, and the Seattle metro area for more than 60 years, Day and Nite Plumbing & Heating has witnessed change aplenty. Not just in terms of development in the Northwest, but also in how people approach household problems. There are many more DIY’ers out there than in years past, and that’s a good thing. However, there comes a time when it’s safer, faster, and more economical to call our plumbing professionals.

Clogged Pipes

If you have a clogged pipe that can’t be cleared with one or two treatments of a common drain cleaner, it’s time to call our plumber serving Bothell. Clogged pipes are often more serious than you think, especially if you’re experiencing regular backups in your sinks and tubs. The most common causes of serious clogs are things like sediment buildup and tree roots – two problems that can’t be solved with chemicals, and which we do not recommend using a rodding machine to try and fix on your own.

If your backups contain sewage, it could mean a punctured or broken sewer line. Trying to remedy this on your own is something you absolutely should not do, for risk of not only exposing your family and property to raw sewage, but also potentially damaging your neighborhood’s sewer lines.

Big Installations

If you’re installing a water purifier on your kitchen faucet of updating your shower with a new showerhead, no worries. However, if your project involves a major installation: a new appliance, a new sink, a new bathtub, etc., you’ll greatly benefit from the support of a professional plumber. Also, many times these significant installs necessitate a new room layout, which in turn requires relocating fixtures and appliances. Drains must be relocated, supply lines moved, and attempting these things on your own is a recipe for expensive repairs and possibly a full-on reinstallation.

No Hot Water

A damaged/failed water heater is the most common reason why a home loses hot water. The damage might be something minor, i.e. one or two defective components, or it may be a complete breakdown of the unit. In any case, since water heaters are operated via gas or electrical systems, you’ll want a plumbing professional who’s trained to diagnose and treat the issue. Attempting to DIY a water heater issue could lead to home damage and/or personal injury.

Poor Water Pressure

There are abundant reasons why a home might experience poor water pressure: subpar pipe layout, municipal supply issues, outdated pipes, and serious pipe clogs are just some of the potential causes. It’s far easier and much safer for a plumbing professional to evaluate the situation, pinpoint the problem’s source, and offer a lasting solution. The risks involved for homeowners who try and tackle low water pressure problems on their own range from uncontrollable flooding and sewer line damage to an hour or two of wasted time with no improvement in water flow.

If a plumbing issue seems too big to DIY, it probably is. Take the safe route and contact Day and Nite Plumbing & Heating, an experienced emergency plumber near Mukilteo.


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