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Which Plumbing Tools Should You Own?

Monday, December 03, 2018
Which Plumbing Tools Should You Own?

When it comes to plumbing issues, most of the time your best bet for solving them is a professional plumber. We offer our expertise to customers all over Lynnwood, WA and the surrounding areas. That being said, there are still some tools that every homeowner should have on hand just in case they encounter a plumbing issue.

It's not your job to completely fix a plumbing problem, but you can take care of some simple issues and potentially stave off expensive damage. Here are some of the plumbing tools that you should own, and we'll also tell you the times when you should call in the professionals.


This is an obvious one. An overflowing toilet can cause some damage to your bathroom, but a plunger can stop a clog before it becomes a major problem. A flange plunger is ideal for unclogging a toilet. The sink plunger, which looks much like a cup, is better suited to fixing sink and shower clogs. Either way, make sure that you're applying pressure without using too much force. Putting in too much elbow grease can actually cause some damage.

When to call us: A plunger can be a good fix for a one time issue, but if the clog keeps coming back it could be a sign of an underlying issue. One of our plumbing professionals will see if there's a problem deep in your plumbing that you wouldn't be able to see. We'll fix things up quickly and your chronic clogging problems will be a thing of the past.

Drain Snake

A drain snake is designed to deal with more persistent clogs. It's most often used for sink and shower clogs because it has a longer range than a plunger would. This tool is also ideal if the clog is caused by hair, soap scum, or grease.

When to call us: Again, if you keep fixing clogs but continue to have overflow in your shower or sink, you need the help of a licensed plumber. We'll find the main issue and get your plumbing back into top shape in no time.

Pliers and Wrenches

Pliers can be an integral part of any homeowner's toolkit. Use these to loosen or tighten screws or hold things in place. A basin wrench and a pipe wrench also make great additions to your toolbox. They're good for quick fixes and simple tasks.

When to call us: Occasionally you may need to tighten up some screws or a fixture, but if you find it to be a chronic problem, you may need a plumber. If they're shaking loose often, something deeper could be the issue-something you're not equipped to handle yourself.

Caulking Gun

Anyone with a DIY mindset probably has a caulking gun already. If you notice a crack where your sink, shower, or tub meet the wall, a caulking gun will help seal it up. This can prevent water damage and other costly problems.

When to call us: If the cracks keep reforming or you notice mold, there's probably an issue that you can't fix entirely by yourself. Our plumbing professionals can take a look and make sure that the water getting into the cracks isn't causing an expensive problem. Contact us at (425) 775-6464 the next time you run into a plumbing problem.


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