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Why is my Flushing Toilet So Noisily?

Monday, September 10, 2018
Why is my Flushing Toilet So Noisily?

Our team is ready to help with any plumbing problems our customers encounter. One thing they frequently worry about is their toilet. People want to make sure that it's working fine, and it can be especially alarming to hear some strange noises coming from it. Fortunately, we're ready to help you find the cause of that noise and fix the underlying problem. Here's a look at some noises that you might hear from a flushing toilet, and how we can fix it.


A hissing noise from the tank could indicate a problem with the fill valve. Water may not be passing through it as it's supposed to, creating an irritating noise that just won't go away. Fortunately, our plumbers can take a look to see if any debris is affecting your toilet's regular function. If you hear any hissing noises, make sure you contact us right away. Allowing a problem that affects how your toilet runs to continue for too long can result in more extensive, and more expensive, damage.

Deep Water Gurgling Sounds

Sometimes you can hear bubbling from your toilet, but it's not coming from the bowl itself or the tank. It seems like it's coming from down deeper. If the bubbling or gurgling sounds seem more resonant, it could be an issue deeper down in your plumbing. Most often, it means that there's something obstructing the path of the water through your pipes. One of our plumbers can figure out what the issue is, whether there's a problem with the speed of the water flow or you need some repiping assistance.

Loud Refill Noises

Sometimes it sounds like your toilet is flushing, but you haven't actually flushed it. This can be a sign of another plumbing issue. If you frequently hear refill noises, take a look in your tank. Make sure that the refill tube is in the right place and examine the flapper. This piece creates a seal in the toilet tank, and if it's not working correctly it could be a source of the noise.

If these parts aren't the problem, fixing the noise may be beyond your skills. At that point, one of our expert plumbers can take a closer look. The flush valve drain could be the source of the noise. This is especially likely if there's a buildup of water on the floor around the toilet. At that point, you definitely need the help of a pro.

Banging Sounds

A loud banging sound can definitely be a cause for alarm to most homeowners. This comes from your toilet pipes as your tank refills, and it can be caused as that rushing water has to suddenly come to a stop. The tank fills up and then the fast moving water suddenly hits a closed valve, creating the noise. If you hear this banging noise, your plumbing system may need to be drained. You can contact us at 425-775-6464 if you hear any of these strange noises or encounter other plumbing issues!


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