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Your HVAC System and Spring Allergies

Monday, April 01, 2019
Your HVAC System and Spring Allergies

Spring is here, and for some of us that means spring allergies. While others are enjoying the nicer weather, allergy sufferers need to prepare for an onslaught of allergens. Fortunately, your HVAC system can help you deal with it. It's also fortunate that you have the experts at Day & Nite Plumbing and Heating on your side, ready to give you the best tips on how to do just that.

Replace Filters

Replacing your filters regularly is the first step you should take. A new filter protects you from airborne allergens like pollen, dust, and more. It stops them from getting to your ducts and spreading throughout your entire home. If you really have allergy problems, replacing your filter when spring begins is always a wise idea. You can also consider a filter that's a bit more expensive and high-end than the one you're using currently. A heavy-duty filter can filter out more allergens.

Keep Debris Away From Your A/C

Look outside and make sure that natural debris like leaves, weeds, or flowers aren't too close to your air conditioning unit. It pulls in outdoor air, which means that it could end up pulling in allergens if you aren't careful. Cleaning up the area around the outdoor unit can save you some trouble later.

Seal Up Any Air Leaks

Look at your doors and windows, then see if air is coming through. An air leak means that allergens can get in. That also means that the air your HVAC system is blowing through your home can get out, costing you more money.

Dust Air Vents

Even if the air coming through your HVAC system is clean, it's going to spread allergens if your vents are literally coated in them. That's why it pays to dust the vents and make sure that nothing can be blown out and spread to different rooms of your home. Just check in on those vents occasionally and make sure that they haven't gathered more dust.

Install an Air Purification System

If you really want to, you can install a whole home purification system. It eliminates more particles from the air, including the most common allergens. This isn't necessary for everyone, but if your allergies are particularly severe it's something to consider.

Schedule an HVAC Maintenance Check

If your allergies are really acting up there might be a problem with your HVAC system. It could be that it's not filtering things properly or it's bringing in too many allergens from outside. One of our HVAC experts can come out and inspect it. Then we'll get it working at peak performance again.

Upgrade Your HVAC Equipment

If all else fails, it may be time to upgrade your HVAC equipment. A newer system will be better at filtering out impurities. It could offer more features and it will certainly be more energy-efficient. If it's in the budget and your current HVAC system is on the older side, a brand new batch of HVAC equipment is something to consider.

Your HVAC Experts in Lynnwood, WA Area

Whether you need an inspection or new HVAC equipment to keep the allergens out this spring, we're ready to help. Contact Day and Nite Plumbing and Heating today and we'll do our best to handle any of your HVAC needs. We hope to hear from you soon!


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